The Clément Brothers, Chuck and Andy have embarked on an extra-ordinary planetary adventure that showcases and celebrates many of the positive things that are being done to make the planet we call home, a happy and healthy place to live. Planet Echo is a mash-up of colourful stories about people, places and things from the natural world infused with high adventure, cool factoids and working science all connected to our environment. It’s fun, entertaining and uses completely positive story telling to showcase cutting-edge environmental technologies along with old-school traditional knowledge. With luck, Planet Echo will inspire both kids and adults to celebrate and nurture our fragile and interconnected planet.

Show Segments

Chuck and Andy's Adventures

Chuck and Andy celebrate and share their Aboriginal and French-Canadian voyageur heritage through a series of segmented adventures. Always on the move, Andy and Chuck are on a quest to make sure that we all learn and understand how best to look after mother earth. Adventurous and cool, thoughtful and athletic, hilarious and silly, Chuck and Andy are the older brothers that every 8-12 year old wish they had!

Chuck is an athlete, academic and modern urban guy. He looks to science and technology for answers about the environment. Who doesn’t dream of running cars on water and heating homes with solar energy or discovering some new source of energy to power the planet? But he loves going out into the natural world too.

Andy is the younger brother. He is equally at home in a cafe in the city or on a trail in the bush. Andy is interested in exploring the thoughts and ways of their ancestors because he believes that in many cases, especially when it comes to the environment and the natural world, they have an innate understanding of what we all should be thinking about and doing in our everyday lives to keep it thriving.

While the brothers might not always agree on the best way to proceed, together they explore, probe and question everything about the world we live in. They soon come to realize that the past, present and future hold all the answers that we will need to keep our planet healthy and happy.

"Did you Know" Stories

Each episode includes a "Did you Know" story that celebrates people, places and things that are changing our world for the better. From individuals who have created new science and innovations to companies who are using green technologies, we will take a kid’s eye look at what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Dr. Greenie's Mad Lab

Dr Greenie (Chuck) is a lovable mad scientist who is always trying to explain the science behind the environment while at the same time inventing new and crazy contraptions designed to be environmentally friendly. His sidekick and favorite assistant used to be his normal pet guinea pig until an experiment went terribly wrong and turned GP into a giant fluorescent pink and orange creature. GP (Andy) is sweet, nervous and skittish and…kind of cute for a giant rodent! He is always little suspicious of what Dr. Greenie has in store for him in every episode. He is ever hopeful that the doc is going to change him back... but the doc always has "other plans". Heavy use of (rude, yet hilarious) sound effects, extreme camera angles and movements, wild lighting effects, fake explosions and video effects are just part of the mad lab world!

Pick & Flick

PICK & FLICK are the "greenest greenies" around and the stars of fun filled stand-alone segments that appear several times in each episode of Planet ECHO. PICK & FLICK is fun, silly, slapstick and irreverent…in a way that 8-12 year old audiences will appreciate. Their jokes are simple and self-deprecating. Vaudevillian slapstick, prat-falls and knock-knock jokes are the order of the day.

The Remarkables

It’s the 100th anniversary of Canada’s great national park system. Come along for the ride as Chuck and Andy explore some of the coolest places and most exciting adventures that Canada’s National Parks and historical sites have to offer. Once you see the unbelievable footage we have captured, you will understand why Canadians have the best backyard in the world!

Michael's Creature Feature

Michael Moloney is a remarkable 14-year-old. You see, Michael has an uncanny ability to mimic animal voices... and because he can speak like them, the animals seem to really like him. Michael introduces us to some of his favorite animals friends, including a few snakes, a turtle and even a Lama! Shot in a first-person POV-style, Michael will help the viewers get up close and personal with some of the coolest creatures on Planet ECHO!

Calumet: Skater Tales

A brief history of Canada that we bet you didn’t know about told through the eyes of two Métis skater-kid puppets, Scott and Fran. Canada as we know it would not exist without the help of Aboriginal People. The writers of history often overlook their contributions. Scott and Fran set the record straight in a fun, kid friendly manner by telling great stories about great people and great events.

Animal Tracks

Planet ECHO introduces viewers to some of Canada’s coolest and most elusive animals, many of which live in our amazing National Parks.

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