A Brand New App From Planet Echo!

Dr. Greenie’s Mad Lab is quite simply a mad app for the mad scientist in all of us!


It’s a child safe, immersive environment that is all about having fun while learning about general science. Watch the appisodes and play the games along the way as Dr. Greenie and his pals GP (Guinea Pig) and Bookworm take on the mischievous Skink who is always trying to foil the Doc’s crazy experiments. Dr. Greenie’s Mad Lab presents open-ended opportunities for fun, entertainment and education with a unique mixture of silly stories and fact-based science that are fresh and evergreen.


Exclusive Webisode Content!

The Mad Lab appisodes are narrative-driven scientific adventures pitting Dr. Greenie against his arch nemesis, a virtual character known simply as Skink. As always, poor old GP finds himself being squished (sometimes literally!) in the middle as these two titans engage in their kid-friendly battles.


Help Dr. Greenie With Fun Games and Activities!

Either before, during or after the appisodes, viewers can participate in interactive games and demonstrations directly connected to the appisode theme so they can learn about science and how everything in our universe works.